I swear I just posted this post.

Finally, and for real this time, I will be officially launching this blog as what I dream it should be, as well as a Japanese sister blog.

I hope, or more so I know that this is the beginning of what I REALLY want to do.

Watch this space for the coming week 🙂


Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.

Anais Nin

She has become my quote goddess. She says all the right things, you know?

Dreams pass int…

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Valentine’s Day for a couple of busy bees

This Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend and I were both extremely busy with jam packed schedule with both work, college and sport. Unlike the last one and the first V’day we had (which he set an extremely high surprise bar) there wasn’t any time for cooking dinner together or going out and having a good time.

So what I could do with the few hour window I had between going to meet up with him and work and class, was to make him some snacks to eat after his soccer practice.

I made onigiri (Japanese rice balls) one with a love heart and the letter C on it and some fried chicken with a twisted version of my mothers recipe 🙂


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‘What If’

‘What if’ is definitely one of the most frequently used sentence starter for me. (The others most frequently used would be ‘Well…’ and ‘Ummmmm…’ haha)

I think that ‘What if’ is a start of a journey, a spark maker for an idea…

So with that I want to share this video.

This brings me back to this year’s ‘What if’.

‘What if I can be the one to lead other girls.’

What’s your ‘What if’?


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A new beginning:

When I began this blog last year, it was to document my adulthood. Well… I don’t think I’ve done so well in “documenting” much. As I’ve mentioned in the past few post, I’ve been running through 2012, and running through getting a job, and running through going to college. Well this year, I’m going to take a walk in the park. Take a walk on the wildside, because I’ve really arrived. 

I thought that I was “Girl, Incarnated” last year, but girl was I wrong! 

This year, though, I have incarnated, and I am incarnating, constantly. That’s my favourite thing about life. The constant evolution of your entire being and the constant evolution of the world and how you evolve to it or how the world evolves to it. It’s so mighty and wonderful. 

So I “Officialy” begin this blog, not today or tomorrow, but next Saturday. 02/02/2013. 

I move into my very own place, and I’m going to build my own nest for the first time in my life. It’s also a day before ‘Setsubun’, a Japanese tradition to signify the change of season. Great time to get rid of the bad in my house and welcome joy. 

So… till then blogasphere, ciao! 

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Lessons, lessons and lessons.

Last year was my year of learning. I ran, learned, cleared goals and high-fived 2013 with a big set of plans. 

But just in the span of a week, I learned one more thing. 

Sometimes, to close a door properly, you have to reopen then close again.

Not all doors close properly, you know? 
I don’t want nothing less than success in life, so I’ll do whatever it takes to do that. Being at peace with myself, being at peace with the entirety of my being (life, career, mind, friends, everything) is a really big part of my journey to success.

I’m not someone who settles for something that’s good but makes me unhappy. 

So, the first lesson of 2013, check! 

Now… time to work on making a big re-launch all up on this blog 🙂

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A bus ride.

One of the things I love about Sydney is the people, the older people, especially.

You walk down a street, you catch each other’s eyes and they say ‘How are ya?’ Isn’t that just gorgeous?
I know they have to but the people at stores ask how you are.
And randoms on buses, can sometimes give you a really profound feeling of serenity.

This bus ride home from a meeting began with a little boy, no older than 7 I think, walking to me to say ‘Your hair is pretty.’
I never wear my hair in a pony, and to be honest, it was in a pony because I could not wake up half an hour earlier for a shower. But his smile, and to know that he was really being honest, from such a pure place in his heart, it made my day.

Then a bus stop or two later, a gentleman with a slight limp sat next to me.Much like most people, I don’t like sitting next to people, but he broke the ice with a smile and an offer for some potato chips. He was wrapped in a gentle aura, but an intense passion for life was seeping through the calm.

Our conversation went from my lunch, to health, to my job, and how it requires so much computer time so my desire to play sports this year as a hobby. He said his life is full of hobbies. Now that he’s retired, he writes, he travels, and most wonderfully, he heals people.

And it made sense.

When he told me he helps others by tuning their energy, it really made sense to me. He had a big passion for it, he taught me a few ways to wash away my fatigue (he must have felt my tiredness, because I never said a word about being worn out). He was so profound and wise, and yes, I would have loved the hour bus ride for a nap, but no, I wouldn’t trade that conversation for ANYTHING.

When he got off at his stop, he shook my hand and told me he hopes in this life or another we will bump into each other and have another wonderful conversation. He also wished me the happiest life anyone could lead.

Isn’t that just gorgeous?

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It has come! The big ’13!!

Today marks the official day back at work for me so I thought it was appropriate to return to the blogasphere also.
I know that there’s been many attempt on my side to revamp or make this concept of ‘laviedela’ and ‘girl, incarnated’ but there hasn’t really been any success of it.

But with new year comes a new home, and of course a bit ahead of the new year I scored a fabbity wabbity new job. Which means, more me me me time.

So come february, when the Chinese new year arrives, this blog WILL be revamped. With of course the popular ‘A girl and her clothes’ but a bit more professionally done version of it, a lots more recipes, lots more DIYs, lots more fun, lots more girl talk…

I can’t wait.

And I will be linking these posts with everything I do on Tumblr and Pinterest. I will also be joining the world of Medium. I love trying out new Social Networking sites (good thing I do because it’s sort of my job) so… we will see which blog platform is going to let me shine my name in lights!

Happy New Year ya’ll 😉

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A girl and her clothes;

A girl and her clothes;

Finally got my hands on a pair of clogs!
Dress – Wrangler
Clogs – Sportsgirl (I know. I wanted Funkis, but shh)
Bag – Boutique in Motomachi, Japan
Tote – Sportsgirl

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A girl and her clothes;

Top down to Socks – American Apparel
Boots – My house mate’s
Sunglasses – Headwoix (my dad’s brand from the 80’s)
Bag – from a boutique in Motomachi, Japan

Top & Belt – American Apparel
Jeans – Vintage (20 years old)
Shoes – Zu
Scarf – H&M

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